Real World Ceramics

In a residency at the Jatiwangi art Factory (JaF) in Indonesia (2020), organised by (JaF and Pavilion, Leeds), as part of the Crafting Futures project (funded by British Council and Crafts Council). I explored the contemporary challenges experienced by young women through workshops, leading to the development of architectural ceramic objects based on journey drawings of the young women. The journey profiles also informed the designs for proposed walls to be built using the tiles and coping stones in the grounds of a local government office.




Photo: Ismal Muntaha. Explorations of ideas of shelter with workshop participant Sita Maemunah at the Rumahtuli Jatiwangi. 

Real World Ceramics Interim Report
Real World Ceramics Interim Report
An interim report residency with The West Java West Yorkshire Cooperative Movement (a collaboration between Pavilion, Jatiwangi Art Factory and George Clark). Supported by Crafting Futures (a collaboration between the Crafts Council and the British Council), this artist-led ceramics project spanning the UK and Indonesia aimed to engage young women in Jatiwangi and Leeds (aged 13–25) to think about how the making of ceramic objects could speak to, and produce, contemporary ideas of feminism.
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Tiara Tanah
Presentation of the collaborative design process for the prototype 'Tiara Tanah', architectural ceramic tiles and decorative coping stones with proposed uses for civic buildings in Majalenka, Java.
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